Thing Fun

    Another "Thing" inspired by Mike Ploog.....with added eye tentacle goodness.

You Will Go To The Dagobah System...

This is my take on a Ralph McQuarrie painting I took a fancy to. A pre-production painting for "The Empire Strikes Back" Search through your geek collection to find the original !

Wolverton Weird

    This was cribbed from a Basil Wolverton "Weird" comic!

Dragon V Cyclops

The 7th Voyage of Sinbad.


Possibly from that dreaded Planet Of The Apes...

Sugar Skull

I quite like them there "Day Of The Dead" make-ups, so I  resurrected my "Bride" model and gave her a fresh coat of paint!


Homage to Mr H...


I nearly abandoned Mr Batty because I couldnt get the likeness.Still away to go I feel,but you can get the general idea of it.


Scarecrow fun... ( 3DCoat...Carrara 8.1 Pro...ArtRage 4)